Our Process

The key to a successful search is communication and we stress this in every stage of the recruiting process.  At PinPoint Solutions, we start every search with a call to the hiring manager. This call provides an informed look at company culture, the role, and its challenges. Using direct notes from our conversation, we develop a custom recruiting strategy to best deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Finding the Right Candidate

Research:  PinPoint Solutions uses a wide range of resources to find candidates on any given search. We use contact databases such as: Jigsaw, Zoom, LinkedIn, etc. And round this off with contacts found through specialized or industry specific societies, organizations, press releases, and conferences.

Job Boards: PinPoint Solutions has corporate accounts with CareerBuilder and The Ladders.  We utilize these boards for sourcing more than candidate generation.

Individual Networks: At PinPoint Solutions, we have over 100 years of combined search experience. Our personal networks have evolved and are one of our most powerful tools in any search.

Established Diversity Network: PinPoint Solutions has a thriving network of contacts through Historically Black Colleges & Universities and niche organizations and societies.

Social Media: The way the world communicates is changing and our firm is taking a proactive approach in staying ahead of the curve. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ we are embracing these new channels and reaching out to candidates in the method they choose to communicate.

Corporate Database: PinPoint Solutions has a custom-built database which houses our company’s resumes and research. After each search, all contacts made are filed into this database and can be quickly accessed on any search. This is our number one resource and is constantly growing and updating daily.

Following outreach, resumes are reviewed, and candidates are identified. Our Executive Recruiters conduct phone screens based upon questions and competencies agreed upon in the initial call with the Hiring Manager. Candidate presentations are then sent to the company for review. Through detailed feedback of candidate slates we can structure our resources to best refine our search process. From here candidates are phone screened by the organization and are moved to Face to Face interviews. During the company interview period our Executive Recruiters remain in touch with the candidates helping them through issues with relocation, talks about career progression, and discussion about a possible offer and counter offers.   When our clients are ready to hire, our candidates are ready to make an informed decision.