Dress for Success

For Men:

  • A conservative, two-piece blue or gray suit
  • Over-the-calf socks that are darker than the suit
  • White/blue shirt
  • A subdued silk tie of medium width
  • Shined conservative tie shoes

For Women:

  • A conservative, skirted suit in a subdued color
  • A solid color shirt-waist dress with a blazer
  • Neutral colored hose
  • Shined, closed-toe pumps

Definite Yes’s Are:

  • Clothes clean and pressed
  • Bathe and deodorant
  • Brush teeth and mouthwash
  • Repair and polish shoes
  • Cut and groom hair

Absolute No’s Are:

  • Excessive jewelry
  • Immodest hem or necklines
  • String or bow tie
  • Worn heels
  • Boots
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